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Ceresian: Something Lurks (English Edition)

A mysterious dust hailed as the saviour of humanity. A dwarf planet that held intrigue since the discovery of the sparkling Occator Crater in the early 21st century. A clean energy that brought about the end of the hydrocarbon age and gave birth to the unstoppable expansion of Ceresian Industries. A crew of four sent…

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The Ghastly Night: Something has gone terribly wrong with their case and now Holmes and Watson must face a decision that could cost the life of one they … The Hollow Hand Book 2) (English Edition)

In the Hollow Hand Holmes and Watson faced the Hollow Hand again as he embarks on a series of seemingly random murders, and now as they struggle to bring the fight to Mister Blaines, they travel to San Francisco, only to find out that a plot is being woven and a scheme so hideous that…

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Something Born of Madness (English Edition)

While investigating a series of brutally violent killings, investigative journalist Steven Dunne formulates an unbelievable theory – a serial killing animal is terrorizing the country, an unknown species that confounds police and defies description. The mystery deepens when Dunne also discovers that a woman is involved in the killings and is somehow linked closely to…

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Romance: Love Fusion Romance Bundle: Playful Something (Contemporary Paranormal Sports Sci-fi Romance) (Fantasy Urban Bad Boy New Adult and College Science … Football Short Stories) (English Edition)

Get FOUR mixed hot short stories with a collection of 30 bonus romance stories inside! Passionate Fly Ball –Baseball and Lion Shifter Romance Vanessa Birdle gets lost one evening during a storm after watching a baseball game late into the night. The weather is stormy and visibility is bad as she heads back to her…

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CURACAO – Something for Everyone: Visit once and you'll be back again.. and again! (Carol's Worldwide Cruise Port Itineraries) (English Edition)


Willemstad, the capital and only city, is divided into Punda (the point) and Otrabanda (the other side) by a narrow channel that leads to Schottegat harbor–a harbor that is naturally protected from wind and sea. The two sections—Punda and Otrobanda—are connected by the Queen Emma pontoon bridge. Otrobanda is where you'll find much of the…

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Something Buried, Something Blue (The Mac 'n' Ivy Mysteries, Book #1) (English Edition)


Ivy Malone and Mac MacPherson have been circling the idea of marriage for some time (see the five books in the Ivy Malone Mysteries series), and now they've made the Big Decision. They're getting married! Except there is the problem of that dead body – and a killer who's willing to bring their plans to…

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