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Talks of Napoleon at St. Helena with General Baron Gourgaud: Together with the Journal Kept by Gourgaud on their Journey from Waterloo to St. Helena (English Edition)

First published in its English translation in 1903, this memoir is composed from private journal entries of Gaspard Gourgaud as a result of his conversations with Napoleon I of France between June 1815 and March 1818, during the latter’s exile on St. Helena. Additionally, journal entries made by Gourgaud on his voyage to St. Helena…

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Vie de Napoléon (French Edition)

Extrait : J’écris l’histoire de Napoléon pour répondre à un libelle. C’est une entreprise imprudente puisque ce libelle est lancé par le premier talent du siècle contre un homme qui, depuis quatre ans, se trouve en butte à la vengeance de toutes les puissances de la terre. Je suis enchaîné dans l’expression de ma pensée,…

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The Life of Napoleon I (English Edition)


“I was born when my country was perishing. Thirty thousand French vomited upon our coasts, drowning the throne of Liberty in waves of blood, such was the sight which struck my eyes.” This passionate utterance, penned by Napoleon Buonaparte at the beginning of the French Revolution, describes the state of Corsica in his natal year.…

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