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The Jack Rogan Mysteries: Books 1-3: Historical Mysteries for the Thinking Reader!: The Jack Rogan Mysteries Box Set (English Edition)

Book 1: The Empress Holds the Key: A historical mystery thriller Journalist Jack Rogan knows a great story when he finds one. A charred old photograph found in the ruins of a burnt-out Blue Mountains cottage hints at dark secrets and unwittingly reignites an ancient and deadly quest for a holy relic mysteriously erased from…

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The Bermuda Triangle: The History and Mysteries of the Devil's Triangle

Most scientists believe that mankind was originally spawned in the salty waters of the seas, and that over millennia creatures managed to evolve into today's primates. If this is so, the oceans have made it abundantly clear that have no desire to take their offspring safely back; from the time of the earliest sailing ships,…

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Ray And Cain Mysteries – Box Set 1 (English Edition)

4 short mystery stories Murder In The Flower BedsGetting involved in a murder investigation had never been part of Ray Rosenthorpe’s retirement plans. But here he was, on a Saturday morning in a garden centre, looking at a dead body in a shed.A woman Ray knows is standing over the dead body with blood on…

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The Liturgical Mysteries (13 Book Series)

From Book 1: (No. 1 in the Liturgical Mystery series) Hayden Konig is the police chief in the small Appalachian town of St. Germaine, North Carolina. His part-time job, however, is serving as the choir director and organist at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, but he’s also determined to write the next great hard-boiled mystery novel…

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UnCommon Minds: A Collection of AIs, Dreamwalkers, and other Psychic Mysteries (UnCommon Anthologies Book 3) (English Edition)

Enter into the hidden world of the mind, where the laws of nature don’t apply and nothing is as it seems. Straight from the minds of 20 UnCommon Authors come tales of tragedy, triumph, and bittersweet gratitude. You'll find augmented realities and mental persuasion that force you to question everything. Stories of military suspense, psychological…

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A Decline In Prophets: The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, Book 2

It's 1932, a time of crisis and doubt. Returning home on a luxury ocean liner after months abroad, Rowland Sinclair and his companions dine with a suffragette, a Bishop and a retired World Prophet. The Church encounters less orthodox religion in the Aquitania's chandeliered ballroom, where men of God rub shoulders with mystics in dinner…

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The Mysteries of Udolpho (English Edition)

The Mysteries of Udolpho is a novel by Ann Radcliffe, the fourth and most well-known, published in the summer of 1794 in London. The Mysteries of Udolpho follows the story of Emily St. Aubert who suffers, among other mishaps, the death of his father, supernatural terrors in a castle, and the machinations of an Italian…

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Murder in Three Acts (Rounders Mysteries Book 2) (English Edition)

It is 1953 and Willard Carlisle retires to his small hometown in Iowa. He promises his second, much younger wife he will turn an old movie theater into a community playhouse for her. Just as her dream of being a star is about to come true, she is murdered after the first dress rehearsal. The…

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Seeing the Dead: Relatively Dead Mysteries Series, Book 2

Ever since her first ghostly sighting, Abby Kimball has been trying to unravel the mystery of her newly discovered ability. So when she sees the apparition of a Revolutionary War soldier in the middle of the town green – just days before the annual Patriot's Day celebration, no less – she's determined to figure out…

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Bobbin' For One Bad Apple (A Willow Crier Cozy Mystery Book 5) (Willow Crier Cozy Mysteries) (English Edition)

When a New York power couple visits Willow’s coffee shop and orders low-fat milk lattes, 2 shots of espresso, no foam, extra hot, with three packets of Splenda stirred well she decides she’s not that desperate to lose weight! As far as she’s concerned, they can take their New York accent, their New York cawhfee,…

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Aikido: Aikido in Everyday Life Box Set (3 in 1): Aikido+ Aikido & Dynamic Sphere+ Aikido Techniques+ Aikido Basics+ Aikido Fiction- A Complete Aikido … Basics, Aikido mysteries) (English Edition)

Discover How to learn an art of Aikido for Self Defense, Fitness and Self Discovery (Aikido Box Set 3 in 1) Today only, get this Amazon book for just .99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at .99. The most comprehensive guide with cheapest price on Amazon. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet…

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Police Horror Stories: Unbelievable True Police Stories Ever Reported! Disturbing- Ghost Stories, Hauntings & Paranormal stories (Unexplained mysteries, … house, Possession, Book 1) (English Edition)

  Discover the most bizarre unsolved cases ever found in these Police Horror Stories Some of these stories are a bit gory and are explained in detail. If you are squeamish about things like this, you might not want to read this book, reader discretion is advised! David M. Curtis’s  Police Horror Stories: Compilation of…

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The Gifts of Poseidon: The Mysteries of the Greek Detective (English Edition)

When a lucky fisherman hooks a fabulous golden-scaled fish, it seems the future prosperity of the island of Liteos is assured. But fifteen years later, the golden fish are all but gone, and the fishers’ nets bring up increasingly poor catches from an almost barren sea. Then a young couple discover a body in a…

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Historical Mysteries (English Edition)

A collection of 12 essays on historical mysteries. This book is annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer. Contents: I – The Case Of Elizabeth CanningIi – The Murder Of EscovedoIii – The Campden MysteryIv – The Case Of…

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A Beginner's Guide to Using Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey: Exploring the Mysteries of RegEx: Create Practical AutoHotkey Tools for Windows XP, Windows … Tips and Tricks Book 5) (English Edition)

AutoHotkey is a powerful scripting language for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. If you don't already use AutoHotkey with your Windows computers, then you should start. The language is simple, yet powerful. Best of all, it's free to use. This "Beginner's Guide to Using Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey" is…

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MISSING PERSONS: Intriguing, Baffling, Disturbing True Stories.: Missing Persons, Unexplained Disappearances, Unexplained Mysteries. (English Edition)

MISSING PERSONS: Intriguing, Baffling, Disturbing True Stories. Missing Persons, Unexplained Disappearances, Unexplained Mysteries.- Vanished without Trace….How often do you see a report on the News of a person who has somehow vanished without a trace? Or see a missing person’s poster around town? Or on the internet?If you were to multiply that by each town…

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Murder in the Abbey: Book 8 of the Maggie Newberry Mysteries (English Edition)

Situated in the rolling hills of England's pastoral Cotswolds, the Abbey is a charming Bed & Breakfast allowing its guests to taste the pleasures of rank and prestige from a bygone era–until murder slams face first onto its welcome mat.When the victim turns out to be someone close to both Maggie and Laurent, they leave…

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Mysterious London: A History of Ancient Mysteries, Odd Individuals, and Unusual Legends across the English Capital (English Edition)

*Includes pictures*Includes contemporary accounts*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading*Includes a table of contents "The Anglo-Saxon charms… are of outstanding importance because they provide more than vague references of exceptional and short texts. They cannot be said to reveal everything, for there are numerous points in which they lamentably fail us, but they…

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Aikido : An Absolute Beginners Guide to Aikido: Learn Aikido Techniques and Mysteries for Self Defense, Good Health and Mind Power (Aikido and Dynamic … Aikido in everyday life) (English Edition)


Discover How to learn an art of Aikido for Self Defense, Fitness and Self Discovery Today only, get this Amazon book for just .99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at .99. The most comprehensive guide with cheapest price on Amazon. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to…

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Nights in Berlin: The Francis Bacon Mysteries, Book 4


Francis Bacon never cared much for country living, so he is overjoyed when his father sends him to Berlin as punishment for his not-so-innocent flirtations with the other boys at school. With afternoons at the cinema, dinner at the Hotel Adlon, and nights at the most outrageous cabarets in Germany – and in his Uncle…

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Kleine dreckige Geheimnisse (JJ Graves Mysteries 1)


J.J. Graves hat in ihrer Branche schon einige Leichen gesehen …nicht nur als Bestattungsunternehmerin, sondern auch als Coroner für King George County, Virginia.Als in ihrem kleinen Städtchen ein grausamer Mord entdeckt wird, sind es J.J. und ihr bester Freund, Detective Jack Lawson, die dem Opfer Gerechtigkeit verschaffen sollen.Die Morde häufen sich …als ein bekannter Krimiautor…

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Anatolischer Totentanz: Istanbul Mysteries


Eifersucht und Mord in Kappadokien In einer abgelegenen Höhle im beschaulichen Kappadokien wird eine Leiche entdeckt. Die Frau starb an einer Schusswunde, vor über zwanzig Jahren. Inspektor ?etin ?kmen reist aus Istanbul in die Provinz, um die Ermittlungen zu leiten. Wurde die Frau von ihrem Liebhaber getötet, aus Verzweiflung, weil sie einem anderen gehörte? Oder…

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Muffins and Mourning Tea (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 5) (English Edition)


Cotswolds tearoom owner, Gemma Rose is excited to join the May Day celebrations in Oxford… until the beautiful spring morning ends in murder. Now, she's embroiled in a deadly mystery – with four nosy old ladies determined to help in the sleuthing! Before she knows it, Gemma finds herself stalking a Russian "princess" and keeping…

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Mysteries of Asien (Swedish Edition)


En dag kommer du att förstå som kom efter dig. Och när det händer, måste du vara beredd. För annars kommer även en förståelse av denna episod orsakar irreparabel skada för dig. Även om du kommer att delas, kommer du uthärda den enorma tryck som genereras av den ständiga mål. Och bara när du känner…

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Something Buried, Something Blue (The Mac 'n' Ivy Mysteries, Book #1) (English Edition)


Ivy Malone and Mac MacPherson have been circling the idea of marriage for some time (see the five books in the Ivy Malone Mysteries series), and now they've made the Big Decision. They're getting married! Except there is the problem of that dead body – and a killer who's willing to bring their plans to…

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