Churchill and the Anglo-American Special Relationship (Cold War History)

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Politik & Geschichte

This book examines Winston Churchill’s role in the creation and development of the Anglo–American special relationship.

Drawing together world leading and emergent scholars, this … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

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The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry (Dover Fine Art, History of Art)


"The golden book of spirit and sense, the holy writ of beauty." — Oscar Wilde
Published to equal parts scandal and acclaim in 1873, The Renaissance

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Agenda for a Free Society: Essays on Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty: Volume 2 (Routledge Library Editions: The History of Economic Thought)


In this book, first published in 1961, under the general editorship of Arthur Seldon of the Institute of Economic Affairs, ten eminent writers, economists, philosophers, and … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Cold Steel: The Art of Fencing with the Sabre (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor)


A pioneer of modern fencing, Alfred Hutton was the first president of the Amateur Fencing Association and a father of modern research into the Western combat
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The History and Traditions of Mallerstang Forest and Pendragon Castle (English Edition)


A historical narrative about the conduct of life in a remote Westmorland dale from early origins to the Victorian period. Originally published in 1883 and now … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Cinema by Design: Art Nouveau, Modernism, and Film History (Film and Culture Series)


Art Nouveau thrived from the late 1890s through the First World War. The international design movement reveled in curvilinear forms and both playful and macabre visions
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Fault Lines of History: Fault Lines of History (Zubaan Series on Sexual Violence and Impunity in South Asia) (English Edition)



The Sexual Violence and Impunity in South Asia research project (coordinated by Zubaan and supported by the International Development Research Centre) brings together, for the … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

How Mormons Became a Racial Category: interview with Dr. Paul Reeve, U of Utah (Black Mormon History Book 3) (English Edition)


In today’s world, Mormonism is seen as a predominantly white church, but in Joseph Smith’s day, it was perceived as just the opposite. Mormons were considered … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women’s Wrestling


Documenting the rise of women’s wrestling from sideshow to WWE main event

Sisterhood of the Squared Circle presents the fascinating history of women’s wrestling, from the … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Metaphors of Depth in German Musical Thought (New Perspectives in Music History and Criticism)


What does it mean to say that music is deeply moving? Or that music’s aesthetic value derives from its deep structure? This study traces the widely … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

History of the Russian Revolution

Revolution 1918

‚The greatest history of an event I know‘ – C.L.R. James

Regarded by many as among the most powerful works of history ever written, The History Den ganzen Text anzeigen

The History Of The Peloponnesian War (JKL): FREE The Iliad Of Homer By Alexander Pope (JKL Classics – Active TOC, Active Footnotes ,Illustrated) (English Edition)


‚The History Of The Peloponnesian War‘ by Thucydides eBook Report:

This eBook of ‚The History Of The Peloponnesian War‘ by Thucydides has been tested on below … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Anatomy of a Song: The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and Pop (English Edition)

Pop & Rock

Songs that sell the most copies become hits, but some of those hits transcend commercial value, touching a generation of listeners and altering the direction of … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Wrestling History Revisited: Rewriting The Events That Shaped The Wrestling Business (English Edition)


Professional wrestling has a long and storied history that has been shaped by events that, had they played out differently, would have led to a vastly … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Mythology: Greek Gods: Myths, Legends and Ancient History


Explore the rich mythology of ancient Greece! Have you always wondered why so many people are fascinated with the Greek gods? Would you like to know … Den ganzen Text anzeigen