True Guitar Talent: The Key To Unlocking Your True Potential On Guitar (English Edition)

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True Guitar Talent will:
*Help you get out of a rut and re-ignite your passion for playing guitar
*Reveal what ultimately holds people back … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

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Guitar Lessons: The Definitive Manual On Teaching Yourself Guitar and Becoming A Rock Star In One Month (English Edition)


Frustrated with guitar?

Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar but found it to be too difficult?
Do you wish there was an easy and Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Eric Clapton – Unplugged – Deluxe Edition Songbook (Recorded Versions Guitar)

Songbooks & Liederbücher

(Guitar Recorded Versions). 17 spot-on guitar transcriptions from the legendary bluesman’s release: Alberta * Circus * Layla * Lonely Stranger * My Father’s Eyes * Rollin‘ … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

The Natural Guitar Player: Nature’s Lessons for Effortless Playing


If you study nature closely you will understand the strategies and techniques that the natural world has developed over millions of years! Many of these strategies … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Jazz Ballads Songbook: Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Solos

Songbooks & Liederbücher

(Guitar Solo). 27 chord melody arrangements in standard guitar notation and tablature, including: Blame It on My Youth * Body and Soul * But Beautiful * … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Bluegrass Guitar (Guitar Books)

Songbooks & Liederbücher

Learn from transcriptions in the styles of Clarence White, Dan Crary, Charlie Waller, Peter Rowan and others. Over 30 tunes in tablature and music notation, plus … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Funk Bass Guitar Lines: 20 Original Funk Bass Lines


20 Original Funk Bass Guitar lines in tablature and notation for the intermediate to advanced bassist, plus an extra bonus Bass line.

  • 89 bars of music
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Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar: Master the Art of Creative, Musical, Lead Guitar Playing (English Edition)


Master the Art of Melodic Rock Soloing on Guitar

Jam-Packed with examples, exercises, techniques and improvisation strategies, Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar contains all the tool … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Sight to Sound: Guitar Sight Reading Supplement

Songbooks & Liederbücher

This thorough volume solves the problem of sight reading on the guitar by teaching it through single line playing.

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Sight to Sound: Guitar Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Motown Hits: Melody Line, Chords and Lyrics for Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal


(Paperback Songs). Features melody lines, chords, and lyrics for 72 Motown classics, along with a section of guitar chord diagrams: ABC * Ain’t No Mountain High … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Creedence Clearwater Revival Songbook (Guitar Chord Songbooks)

Songbooks & Liederbücher

(Guitar Chord Songbook). Here’s all you need to play and sing 34 CCR classics! Includes lyrics, chord symbols, and guitar chord diagrams for: Bad Moon Rising … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Voice Leading Jazz Guitar: Creative Voice Leading and Chord Substitution for Jazz Rhythm Guitar (Guitar Chords in Context Book 3) (English Edition)


Easily Master Smooth, Sophisticated Voice Leading on Guitar 

Voice Leading Jazz Guitar teaches you the most important principles of voice leading, substitution, secondary dominant and tritone … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Guitar, the Beginner Series (English Edition)


100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Guitar, the Beginner Series by musician, educator and world renowned author Andrew D. Gordon is an exhaustive guide to introduce beginner … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Guitar: How to Memorize the Fretboard: Quickly and Easily Learn the Notes on the Guitar Neck (English Edition)


Easily Master the Guitar Neck in Minutes

Quickly and easily learn to locate any note on the neck like it is second nature.

How to Memorize

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The Blues Scale for Guitar (English Edition)


The Blues Scale for Guitar by Andrew D. Gordon is he feels, one of his most important books because of the nature of the blues scale … Den ganzen Text anzeigen