Adventures in Earth Science (English Edition)

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ADVENTURES in EARTH SCIENCE is not just an in-depth textbook but a series of adventures across seven continents and beyond in the sciences of … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

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Programming Spiritually: Becoming More Present and Connected Through Software Development (English Edition)


Software development can be isolating at times. This book offers 8 lessons you can bring to your daily work to program in a more spiritual way … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Irresistible Lovers (English Edition)


Let the fun begin…

If you viewed Katelyn’s life from the outside, it seemed idyllic. She had two handsome twin boys, a loving husband who was … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Hoofin‘ It to the Altar (Law and Supernatural Order Book 4) (English Edition)


Book 4 of Law and Supernatural Order
Previous Book: Dinner at Foxy’s

Deer shifter Jason Fleetfoot and vampire detective Drew Danvers have been together for a … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

How to get paid from Kindle Store: Receive payments through Amazon, Get paid from companies worldwide (English Edition)


Easy step by step guide to receiving payments from companies worldwide including Amazon. Get paid for your products or Kindle ebooks. Send payments and much more. … Den ganzen Text anzeigen



The world has changed. Technology has made the world smaller, more connected. We’re inundated with an infinite amount of options for any and everything we could … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Climbing The Ladder (English Edition)

Business & Karriere

Many books will tell you to quit your job. I have read a lot of them. I even love a few of them.

Have I quit … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Box Enganos do Destino (Trilogia Enganos do Destino) (Portuguese Edition)


O box Enganos do Destino reúne os três volumes da trilogia.

Laços do Destino
Ricardo é um homem maduro e sensato que sempre se dedicou a … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

The Lion of God Archangel Ari’el: …Personal Encounters (English Edition)


This is a surprising book with a surprising ending. Carol Vaccariello shares ten true personal encounters with Angels. She shares the extent to which the Angels … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Soil Water Flow Solifluction applied (English Edition)


The flow of water in a stream catchment depends mainly on the materials available for deflection of incoming water on the plane receiving precipitation, rain

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WWE: 100+ Funny Memes & Jokes (WWE universe parody book) (English Edition)


Download this book for free if you have Amazon Prime/Kindle unlimited!

Please note you don’t need a Kindle device to enjoy this book!

Hottest WWE memes Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Anticlimax: A personal essay on desire, and the lack of it (English Edition)


Does everybody love sex? At 28-years-old, Mateo is still trying to figure out what’s so amazing about it. Could it be that he just hasn’t found … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Principles of Mind-Body Medicine (English Edition)


Principles of Mind-Body Medicine provides an introduction to the scientific underpinnings of mind-body medicine. The past few decades have witnessed an explosion of information in this … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

A Selection Box: A wondrous collection of short stories (English Edition)


The Tree at Lakeside Woods

Ten-year old Annabella loved going for woodland walks down at Lakeside woods. But on this particular visit, she stood looking up … Den ganzen Text anzeigen

Public Relations: Public Relation Strategies You Need to Know (English Edition)

Public Relations

Sometimes, a great product is not enough to get the attention your company deserves from the public. Sometimes, you need to make waves the right waves … Den ganzen Text anzeigen