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Vegetarian Diet For Diabetic Kidney Disease – Improving Blood Sugar & Kidney Function With Plant Based Foods (English Edition)

What is a vegetarian? A vegetarian is a person who follows a specific diet and has specific food choices which include plant foods. Vegetarians do not consume meat, but depending on what type of vegetarian they are, they may eat other products from animal sources. A vegetarian, plant based, diet has shown to slow down…

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Point-of-care Glucose Detection for Diabetic Monitoring and Management

This book unravels the role of Point-of-Care (POC) glucose monitoring as an essential part of diabetes management. It provides the reader with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of diabetes management, including:the need for POC glucose monitoringthe glucose detection technologies (invasive, noninvasive and continuous) being used in the POC devicesthe analytical performance, characteristics, pros and cons…

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Managing Your Diabetes. Diabetic cookbook: 30 useful recipes for each day for diabetics. (English Edition)

This book in which you learn what foods are good for lowering your blood sugar, you will be learning what it is about each and every one that makes it so healthy for those with glucose issues. I hope that will help you with your new lifestyle change, eating to lower your blood sugar on…

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Diabetes: The Most Effective Diabetic Superfoods To Reverse And Prevent Diabetes (Diabetes Diet, Diabetes Cure, Insulin, Type 2 Diabetes, Reverse Diabetes) (English Edition)

What Foods will naturally REVERSE Your Diabetes For Good? ? We're providing the top Superfoods, Superherbs, and Superspices that have been proven to eliminate diabetes… all you have to do is eat them ? I for one know just how stressful it can be to be diagnosed with diabetes. The first thing I felt was…

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Diabetes: 60+ Powerful Diabetic Superfoods to Reverse Diabetes, Regulate Insulin, Control Blood Sugar, and Lower Blood Pressure (Diabetes Diet, Diabetic, … Insulin Resistance) (English Edition)

WHICH FOODS WORK FOR YOU TO REVERSE DIABETES? We will discuss the most powerful diabetic Superfoods, Superherbs, and Superspices that have been scientifically proven to 100% reverse diabetes within patients. THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO DO IS EAT THEM! This book is Free with Kindle Unlimited. As a frequent reader myself, I find KU…

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