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September 11: WTC: Twin Towers: 9/11 Conspiracy (English Edition)

Albert Jack is a internationally bestselling author who has been successfully tackling some of the great World Mysteries for over twenty years. Using Occam's Razor he manages to shave away the theories, the improbable and the hysteria, hype and sensational to reveal only the known, probable facts. From what's left, he argues, the truth of…

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Time Conspiracy (The ECHO Archives Book 1) (English Edition)

Was Leonardo da Vinci a genius … or was he, literally, ahead of his time? After finding a mysterious bracelet beside an ancient human skeleton in a sinkhole cave on the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, teen siblings Matt and Lissa Wellbourn, find themselves inadvertently transported back to 15th Century Florence, Italy.While desperately trying to work…

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MYSTERY: The Fugitive – VANTAGE: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller, London) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, conspiracy, … crime thriller 1) (English Edition)

***READ FOR FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED*** This book entitled THE FUGITIVE : The vantage is the first book of the series The fugitive. It is merely about Kabali to find the truth about the drug organization. Kabali a happy go lucky free living young man with little care in the world works as a bar…

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The Clockwork Conspiracy: A Steampunk Fairytale (English Edition)

A queer fairytale in a world of Steam… In a bygone world of clockwork and airships, Alek has a problem. After being ousted by his family for being transgender, he sits trapped in a magical tower, building singing automatons for the villainous Lady Elise. When a young man named Felix stumbles upon the tower, everything…

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