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Chasing After God's Heart: Christians Ignite Bible Study Series (English Edition)

Spending quality time with God can change your life. Authors Antonio Crawford and Kathy Bruins share a simple strategy (Pray, Read, Meditate, Publish) in their new Bible study, Chasing After God’s Heart, to help you commit to spending quality time with the Heavenly Father. Research and study have shown that it takes at least 21…

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Bloodline of the Gods: Ancient Astronauts in the Holy Bible (English Edition)

Does the blood of ancient spacemen flow in our veins? Were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by nuclear attack? Was the angel Gabriel an extraterrestrial? Did Martians actually come to Earth and teach men the game of war? Here are all the pieces of the puzzle revealing how beings from space once dominated Earth, and actually…

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A SCRIPTURAL STUDY IN SALVATION: Salvation and Redemption in the Bible (English Edition)

There seems to be a theory arising that is growing momentum unchecked, and which isnow being accepted as a Bible fact. The theory states that, although the ‘redemption’ wasbrought to Israel by our Lord Jesus, the “salvation” was brought by Jesus to all races ofmankind, the 'whosoever', the gentiles. This, I believe, is now acknowledged…

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The Drummer's Bible: How to Play Every Drum Style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco

Updated to include 50 additional grooves, this encyclopedic book and two-CD set contains more than 450 musical examples in standard notation, showing grooves and practical variations. Overviews of the history and development of almost all popular music styles are covered alongside innumerable helpful performance tips. The two accompanying CDs feature performances of nearly 200 of…

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The Kumikata Bible: The guide to modern Judo grip fighting (English Edition)

The Kumikata Bible is a manual to develop great Judo grip fighting.It provides solutions for the most important grip fighting situations. These include:– Open stance, closed stance– For right- and left-handed players– For long-, mid- and closed-range fighters– Contains great and easy to understand illustrations If you intend on systematically improve your Judo or the…

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Illustrated Bible Verses: Volume 9 (English Edition)

This One-of-a-Kind Photo Book Is Just What You Need! You've been meaning to read your Bible, but there just isn't enough time or you don't know where to begin. Why not start now with this short ebook? It combines the awesome and inspiring Word of God with unique and engaging photos that harmonize with the…

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Bible Trivia Quiz : Questions and Answers (English Edition)

Many people want to improve their knowledge of the Bible. Using Bible trivia is an excellent way to do so. Our collection of New Testament Bible trivia provides something for everyone – those who consider themselves experts, those just beginning their studies of God’s Word, and even kids. Use the list of Bible trivia to…

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Japan seen from the Bible: Published in 1938 (Japanese Edition)

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The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance (English Edition)

The Bible and the Transgender Experience explores: whether or not God creates only two genderswhat Jesus had to say about gender variancevarious understandings of “the cross-dressing passage”gender variant groups and individuals in scripturethe movement, within scripture itself, from the exclusion of gender variant people to their inclusion within the people of God The author, a…

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The One Year Chronological Bible NLT

You can fit Bible reading into your already busy life by listening to The One Year Chronological Bible NLT! In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can hear the entire Bible in one unforgettable year, expertly narrated by Todd Busteed. This Bible audio is unique in that you can listen to the Bible…

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Symbols in the Bible (English Edition)

The Holy Scriptures employ parables, proverbs, symbols and many illustrations taken from daily life to enable us to better understand the profound divine truths.Throughout the Bible there are symbolic language. When Jesus told Nicodemus that is necessary "born again , " He was using the natural birth as an illustration of a spiritual experience. "Behold…

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Yoga: The Yoga Beginner's Bible: Top 57 Illustrated Poses for Weight Loss, Stress Relief and Inner Peace (yoga for beginners, yoga books, meditation, mindfulness, … self help, fitness books) (English Edition)

Discover why Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Aniston, and Russel Brand all set aside time off their busy schedules to engage in the life-changing practice of Yoga. NOW IN SECOND EDITION WITH OVER 50 POSES! Bonus: Exclusive Gift Inside! Do you sometimes feel stressed, anxious, lonely and depressed? Are you always up in your head, constantly…

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Pop/Rock Bass Bible

(Bass Recorded Versions). Complete music, lyrics and bass tab for 31 pop/rock hits: All I Wanna Do * Bad Love * Bennie and the Jets * Brown Eyed Girl * Can't Stand Losing You * Cheap Sunglasses * Crazy Little Thing Called Love * Don't Stop Believin' * Dream Police * Fascination Street * Fly…

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Linux: Learn in 1 Day: Complete Guide For Beginners: Including Command Line: Complete Linux Bible to learn Administration, Security (English Edition)

If you are a Linux fan, but not satisfied with the kind of content that various crash courses or tutorial caters. Then this e-book can help optimize your Linux knowledge regardless of your experience. It will teach you everything about Linux operating systems in simple and easy to grasp manner. After reading this material, you’ll…

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The Online Business Bible: How to Obtain Your Freedom by Starting Your own Online Business TODAY (Online Business, Self-Employed, Mobile Business, Passive … Earn Money from Home) (English Edition)

Are you better than corporate slavery? Do you want out of the rat race? Get this book. Never before has there been a more comprehensive guide on how to obtain your freedom from corporate slavery. The internet is a goldmine. There are billions of accessible customers who will pay you to provide something of value…

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CHRIST IN YOU!: With Bible Quotations (English Edition)

….There is a vast amount of creative energy working in and through the material plane. Like the picture and the poem, this energy is invisible to you. We want you to distinguish between reality and shadow. The physical plane, or plane of the senses, is a shadow, a faint imitation of the spiritual and the…

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The Cher Bible, Vol. 2: Timeline (English Edition)

“She's been in our lives every decade. She kind of grew up with us.” – Cyndi Lauper Cher started her career as a backing vocalist for Phil Spector's iconic Wall of Sound, before shooting to superstardom herself with the sixties anthem I Got You Babe. Cher mastered folk-rock, achieved three US #1's during the singer-songwriter…

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Bread Bible: Foolproof Recipes for Soda, Yeast, Sweet and Gluten-Free Breads (English Edition)

Nothing is better than the aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven. Crispy-on-the-outside, soft-and-supple-on-the-inside slice of perfectly baked, warm bread is a real treat for the entire family. In the Bread Bible you'll be a taken on a road of bread discovery of top-quality artisan breads that hold their own against the best bakeries…

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Bible Verses 2: poems for reflection (English Edition)


An accessible book of poetry inspired by various scriptures from the Christian Bible that will minister to the seeker or long-time believer. Mehr auf Amazon: Bible Verses 2: poems for reflection (English Edition) Verwandte Themen Illustrated Bible Verses: Volume 9 (English Edition)DELIVERANCE from Bondage: 100 Bible Verses About…Symbols in the Bible (English Edition)

DELIVERANCE from Bondage: 100 Bible Verses About Deliverance from Evil (English Edition)


Are you filled with confusion, uncertainty, and fear? Are your thoughts always on death or suicide? If you struggle to be happy and free, perhaps you are being attacked by the enemy. There are many things people engage in that bring bondage and enslavement. Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. He especially enjoys attacking…

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Survival: The DIY Survival Bible: DIY – Fishing – Hunting – Prepper (Survival Guide, Camping, Outdoors, Prepping, Bushcraft, Foraging, Living Off Grid) (English Edition)


? Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail – When the SHTF, Be Ready ? We live in an uncertain world, knowing what to do when disaster strikes could mean the difference between survival and death. ?Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download TODAY!? We don’t know when but every day around the world there are…

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Access 2016 Bible


Master database creation and management Access 2016 Bible is your, comprehensive reference to the world's most popular database management tool. With clear guidance toward everything from the basics to the advanced, this go-to reference helps you take advantage of everything Access 2016 has to offer. Whether you're new to Access or getting started with Access…

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