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Won for the Ages: How the Chicago Cubs Became the 2016 World Series Champions

It has been called the last great American sports story, a quest that has spanned more than a century and captivated millions of fans. In 2016, the Chicago Cubs were at last baseball's champions, breaking the Curse of the Billy Goat and shedding the label of "lovable losers" once and for all. Led by manager…

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How Mormons Became a Racial Category: interview with Dr. Paul Reeve, U of Utah (Black Mormon History Book 3) (English Edition)

In today’s world, Mormonism is seen as a predominantly white church, but in Joseph Smith’s day, it was perceived as just the opposite. Mormons were considered so different back then that many scientists and doctors thought a new race was coming from the Great Basin Kingdom. How did outsiders get such strange ideas? Dr. Paul…

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Are Racists Crazy?: How Prejudice, Racism, and Antisemitism Became Markers of Insanity (Biopolitics)

In 2012, an interdisciplinary team of scientists at the University of Oxford reported that – based on their clinical experiment – the beta-blocker drug, Propranolol, could reduce implicit racial bias among its users. Shortly after the experiment, an article in Time Magazine cited the study, posing the question: Is racism becoming a mental illness? In…

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Afterlife . . .: From Nothing Became Light (English Edition)

This book is about opening your mind and freeing the spirit within by understanding concepts to broaden the way you think about general things of life. Hopefully, this book can reach your innermost desires and make you feel the magic contained in this book. I guarantee you a laugh all the way. Mehr auf Amazon:…

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How China Became Capitalist (International Economic Association)


This book examines the extraordinary events that led to China's transformation from a closed agrarian economy to an invincible manufacturing powerhouse of the global economy. Mehr auf Amazon: How China Became Capitalist (International Economic Association) Verwandte Themen China and the Group 20:The Interplay between a…Learning from Shenzhen: China's Post-Mao…China: The Next Innovation Nation (English Edition)

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