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Business: From Beginner to Multimillionaire CEO, the Reasons Why Some Make it and Some Don't (Business books, plans, adventures, business model generation, … business communication) (English Edition)

Use these proven principles to take your business to the next level! Got some answers for those? Great – Not able to answer all of those? Not a problem. In this book there is a mixture of theory, business practice, stories and hacks to help set you on your path from being a business beginner…

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Nathan's Adventure in the Other-Other Land, A Children's Story: Book 2 – To Defeat the Wizard's Curse (The Ben, Scott and Nathan Adventures) (English Edition)

– Young Nathan, a resident of our everyday world, is called back to the Other-Other Land, beyond the Magic Mirror, for another adventure. On this occasion he must aid the Princess Pepper in her efforts to overcome a drought that is slowly making the Other -Other Land barren, and leaving its people at risk of…

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Nordic Walking (Outdoor Adventures (Human Kinetics))

Get ready for a new outdoor adventure by joining the more than 8 million people who have picked up their poles and headed outside. Outdoor enthusiasts will find all the information they need for exploring everything from city streets to mountain tops in Nordic Walking. Developed in Finland, Nordic walking incorporates specially designed poles and…

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Grand Adventures

‘Enthusiastic, pleasingly madcap’ Geographical Adventure – something that’s new and exhilarating, outside your comfort zone. Adventures change you and how you see the world, and all you need is an open mind, bags of enthusiasm and boundless curiosity. Recommended for viewing on a colour tablet. So what’s a GRAND ADVENTURE – it is the most…

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Web of the Atomic Duck (Myke Phoenix Novelettes superhero adventures Book 2) (English Edition)

Half-man, half-duck as the result of a horrible accident when he was young, Quincy Quackenbos holds Astor City hostage so that he can learn more about the mysterious new superhero Myke Phoenix. Is he bluffing or does he really intend nuclear annihilation? Will he learn the secret of how to kill the city's protector? Do…

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Shelby And The Night Sky (Shelby's Astronomical Adventures Book 1) (English Edition)

The first of the educational and artistically illustrated series ‘Shelby’s Astronomical Adventures,’ this book, ‘Shelby And The Night Sky,’ takes a look up. The reader will find themselves immersed in the cosmos in this tale about the night sky and the astronomical science of what’s happening above. Shelby is 9 years old and loves visiting…

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The Guide: The Ireland Incident (Cate's Adventures Book 1) (English Edition)


If the L-Word and Sex and the City had a love child, Cate Hunter would be her name. In this first book, Cate has come home to discover her longtime girlfriend has left her. Follow Cate on an impulsive trip to Ireland, where she tries to pick up the pieces, and discovers her new journey…

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The Jules Verne Sci-Fi Omnibus – Extraordinary Tales of Fantastical Adventures, Scientific Wonders & Incredibly Prophetic Inventions (Illustrated): Journey … Master of the World . . . (English Edition)


This carefully crafted ebook: “The Jules Verne Sci-Fi Omnibus – Extraordinary Tales of Fantastical Adventures, Scientific Wonders & Incredibly Prophetic Inventions (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:Journey to the Centre of the EarthThe Mysterious IslandFrom the Earth to the MoonAround the Moon (A Sequel to From the…

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The Continuing Adventures of Chirei and the Catbird: Issues 1-3 (English Edition)


This is a manga that I made for my friends who were Japanese missionaries. These manga are meant to teach simple life lessons in a format that both children and adults can understand. This book is also available in Japanese ( Mehr auf Amazon: The Continuing Adventures of Chirei and the Catbird: Issues 1-3 (English…

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