destiny wallpaper


    Earth: Skywatch

  1. destiny earth public event map, Destiny Ether Key Treasure Chest Locations skywatch
  2. Earth: Forgotten Shore

  3. destiny earth forgotten shore, Ember Chests Locations Map, ether key treasure position earth
  4. Moon: Anchor of Light

  5. destiny moon map anchor of light, Ether Chest Locations, ether treasure position moon
  6. Moon: Archers Line

  7. destiny moon archers line map, ether treasure locations, treasure map position
  8. Venus: Ember Caves

  9. destiny venus ether key treasure map, destiny ember caves chest locations
  10. Venus: The Citadel

  11. destiny ether key chest position venus, destiny venus the citadel treasure chest position



-After You have opened a Fallen chest, leave area quickly, then reopen before the buff wears out and collect all stuff again.
-My favorite Place for Farming Ether Chests is Skywatch on Earth.