Zombie Volcano 2 (English Edition)


Summary: What is worse than an erupting volcano? Fucking fire proof Zombies rocketing out with the molten lava. A city is threatened and an unlikely hero emerges. Jimmy will use all his rock ’em sock ’em robot skills to lead an army of robots tough enough to defeat this coming menace!

Oh and the robots are all wearing black lingerie and look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Bite into this breakfast short story sandwich and melt like the delicious processed cheese, getting all gooey over the action, adventure and suspense which unfolds like an origami swan folded by a master artisan from a far away Asian country with hands delicate as the emotions that these pop culture characters find themselves in. Tune in to this episode and find out which famous actor plays a Kung Fu monkey.

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Zombie Volcano 2 (English Edition)

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