Your Psalm of Praise: Telling Your Story the Ancient Way (English Edition)

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"Your Psalm of Praise" is a revival of the ancient Hebrew tradition of giving public praise to God for His special blessings on His people. This book is designed to prepare God's people to publicly praise the Lord for His attributes, provisions and deliverances. With this guidebook you will learn what it means to "praise the Lord" and how this was done in ancient Israel. You will also discover how easy it is to share a personal experience or an event in your spiritual journey of how your life has been touched by God's providential care or special provision. After introducing you to the Book of Psalms, this book will guide you to an understanding of the structure of various types of psalms and how you can follow the biblical patterns in creating your own psalm of praise. This newly revived form of public worship requires no special poetic or musical talent. As long as you can read, write and tell your story, you have the to create your own psalm testimony. This book will enable God's people to discover the excitement and joy of praising God after the pattern of the ancient psalms.

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Your Psalm of Praise: Telling Your Story the Ancient Way (English Edition)

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