Year of the Rat (English Edition)

Science Fiction

Shi Zhongxin. The Manhattan Outzone. The Year of the Rat.

Boy Eastman, cyberspace hacker, is coaxed out of retirement by his old friend Kreskin the Fixer to do one more job against his former employer, Madoka.

Now Boy has been targeted by the Vijayanta corporation, who need him to find their missing artificial intelligence, Ghostdancer. His new boss, Sarah Faraji, brings him home to the Red Zones of Thames-Midland. Old wounds and new scars are about to collide and Ghostdancer may be hiding in the most painful place of all…

YEAR OF THE RAT contains all three parts (BOY, MONKEYTRICK & GHOSTDANCER) previously published in kindle format as one book.

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Year of the Rat (English Edition)

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