Write it! Publish it! Sell it! Box Set: A three volume guide to writing, self-publishing and marketing your book (English Edition)


This three volume box set contains all you need to know to help you write, publish and sell your book. Each volume is available separately, buy as box set and make a considerable saving. Other books are available in the series.

Write it! How to write your book in 30 hours or less
The digital revolution has changed the publishing scene for writers and readers alike. Writers can now reach markets that were previously closed to them opening up a whole host of opportunities to become a part-time or full-time writer earning an income that reflects their efforts.

In just 30 hours you could have your work ready for publication. Depending on how much time you commit to writing you could become a published writer in just one week from now.

You will be able to:
– Identify your time thieves and create the time to write
– Set up an effective office with the minimum of equipment
– Generate an endless list of ideas
– Plan your book using a method that best suits your way of working
– Write fast. Never again be sat at a computer wondering what to write next
– Edit your work to ensure readers not only want to read your book but will come back time and time again for more.

This method can be used each and every time you write a book, or any other piece of written work, enabling you to start working from home and building up your writing business.

Publish it! How to self-publish your book for free using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), CreateSpace and Smashwords
Self-publishing offers incredible opportunities for all writers regardless of genre, subject or word count. You can write and publish short stories, poems, reports or novels. The traditional gatekeepers of published works can no longer restrict what is available to the reader.

The benefits of self-publishing are so great that this option is now the first choice for many writers. As the writer and publisher you keep control of price, distribution, cover design, promotion and updates.

Using online services you can publish a printed or ebook for free and have it available to readers in as little as 10 minutes.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this book and you will be able to:
– Select the best publishing option for you and your book.
– Prepare your book for publication
– Publish your book for free
– Sell on Amazon, iBookstore, WHSmith, Barnes and Noble, and through other retailers
– Start selling you book in as little as 10 minutes
– Keep the profits from your book – royalties can be as high as 85%
– Maximise sales and income using an effective pricing strategy
– Write a description to ensure readers find your book online.

There is a huge demand for books by previously unpublished writers; tap into this market and develop a following of readers who will come back time after time to purchase and read your latest work.

Sell it! The complete guide to marketing, promoting and selling your book
It is never too soon to start marketing your book. If you have published a book or are in the planning stages of writing your book you can start building a relationship with your readers.

Whether you are self-published or traditionally published developing a marketing plan and actively promoting your book will help you reach your potential readers and make those sales.

Follow the suggestions in this book and you will discover how to:
– Develop a marketing plan that results in sales
– Maximise results from your budget and time
– Create “curb appeal” with your cover and title
– Ensure readers can find your book when searching online
– Write a description that leaves the reading thinking “I must read this now”
– Engage with your readers online and offline
– Hold a launch party
– Make use of online publisher and retailer promotional tools
– Monitor and review your activity to ensure your efforts bring you the greatest returns
– Add value with online content and freebies
– And finally! Have fun.

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Write it! Publish it! Sell it! Box Set: A three volume guide to writing, self-publishing and marketing your book (English Edition)

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