Winter Boys (First Time Gay Sports Romance) (English Edition)


One desire on his mind …

Straight-boy and stand-out college athlete Kevin Westbrook's whole life has been driven by one goal: to make it to the professional hockey league. But even though he's chiseled, he's still just too lean to play against the muscle-bound athletes that dominate the pros.

And now that Kevin's stellar career has hit its first rut in the ice, his girlfriend's not so sure about their future. When she leaves him, his Christmas travel plans get blown up in the split. Kevin knows he should be upset about the break-up … but all he can think about is team captain Cam's big, rock-hard body. If only he had that, all his problems would be solved!

Is there something more to Kevin's obsession with muscled and sweat-slicked chests? Will Cam save Kevin's Christmas and make all his wishes, no matter how forbidden or suppressed, come true?

He's harder than ice …

Loved by his teammates and feared by opponents, nobody knows much about senior defenseman Cam Blake — except he's big, tough, and hits like a truck. So stay the hell out of his way.

And that's just how Cam wants it. 'Cause if his teammates found out that he was into dudes once upon a time, they'd never look at the captain the same. Not that anyone could find out — after his first love, he vowed to never be with another boy again.

But when Kevin gets into a jam and needs someone to rescue him? Cam can't say no, even if he knows inviting the cute freshman back to his ranch in Manitoba — where the secrets of his past lurk — is nothing but risky.

Kevin's eager to learn a lot more about Cam — whether Cam wants him to or not. Only question is, can Cam keep all his secrets hidden? And is Kevin actually curious … or is Cam getting carried away again?


Winter Boys is a 45,000 word stand-alone first-time-gay romance with a HEA! This book has hot athlete man-on-man action and two light male/female scenes.

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Winter Boys (First Time Gay Sports Romance) (English Edition)

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