Windows Server 2016: IT Pro Library (English Edition)


Windows Server

The most comprehensive resource for Windows Server 2016 available today. Over 500,000 words filling over 2,000 pages in FOUR (4) full-length Personal Training Guides.

• Windows Server 2016: Installing & Configuring
• Windows Server 2016: Storage Solutions, Revised Edition
• Windows Server 2016: Essential Services
• Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure

Windows Server 2016: Installing & Configuring covers:

Planning server deployments
Building enterprise solutions
Designing for high availability
Deploying Full-Server and Server Core
Deploying Nano Server and Windows Containers
Managing Boot Configuration Data
Hacking the Registry
Configuring roles and features
Managing server binaries
Selecting hardware components
Managing and troubleshooting hardware
Performing diagnostics and troubleshooting
Configuring event forwarding
Tracking server health and performance
Optimizing server performance
And much, much more!!

Windows Server 2016: Storage Solutions covers:

Configuring File Services
Installing Disks and Storage
Managing Bit Locker Drive Encryption
Configuring Roles and Features
Working with NTFS and ReFS
Using Storage Spaces and Storage Replicas
Maintaining and Optimizing Storage
Using Data Deduplication
Implementing File Sharing
Managing File Security, Access Controls and Auditing
Using Claims-based Controls, File Screening and Storage Reporting
Developing Backup and Recovery Strategies
And Much, Much More!!

Windows Server 2016: Essential Services covers:

Managing IPv4 and IPv6 network addressing
Planning for DNS and DHCP
Designing services infrastructure
Implementing and managing DNS
Configuring advanced DNS services
Implementing and managing DHCP
Configuring advanced DHCP services
Troubleshooting DNS and DHCP
Deploying print services
Managing and maintaining print services
Diagnosing and resolving networking issues
And much, much more!!

Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure covers:

Designing Active Directory Infrastructure
Managing and maintaining Accounts
Configuring Account Policies
Troubleshooting and resetting Accounts
Planning OUs, Domains and Forests
Managing Operations Masters and Global Catalogs
Delegating Authentication
Managing Domain and Forest Trusts
Managing Replication and Revising Site Design
Diagnosing and Resolving Trusts and Authentication Issues
Implementing Active Directory Domain Services
Deploying Read-only Domain Controllers
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Replication
Creating and Managing GPOs
Managing Group Policy Inheritance and Processing
Maintaining and Troubleshooting Group Policy
And Much, Much More!!

Like the individual books themselves and all IT Pro Solutions books, this library will be updated periodically to keep pace with the changes in Windows Server 2016.

Pricing of this library is based on the MSRP of .99 for each ebook. From time to time you may find introductory or sale pricing of the individual books. However, this is the only place where extras, such as the Windows Server 2016 Backup & Recovery guide, will be made available at no extra cost.

Thank you readers for your years of support! Check the companion website for updates and details on extras. Your support of this library and its books will ensure that I can continue to refresh and expand it.

This in-depth reference contains hundreds of timesaving solutions and is designed for anyone who works with Windows Server 2016. Inside, you'll find comprehensive overviews, step-by-step procedures, frequently used tasks, documented examples, and expert advice.

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Windows Server 2016: IT Pro Library (English Edition)

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