Windows 7 and Vista Backups Made Simple and Cheap with SyncToy (English Edition)


Windows Vista

Use Microsoft’s free SyncToy to back up your data files. This is a must because a business’s foundation is financial files. Family photo albums are replaced by a computer hard drive, especially family videos. A faulty hard drive can wipe out years or generations of memories.
•Save your company’s financial lifeblood
•Restore your business data files and resume making money
•Save your memories
•Avoid expensive repair charges by restoring your own files
This book is complete with computer screen shots that walk you step-by-step through the process to install SyncToy and setup the backup process and automate your backups.
Chapters include:
What is SyncToy?
Why Do You Need SyncToy Protection?
To What Extent are Businesses at Risk?
Using SyncToy
Install SyncToy
Setup SyncToy to Backup
Setup Automatic Backups
Families are putting their memories at risk as never before in generations. Would you spend ,500 or more to retrieve files from a faulty or damaged hard drive? What if the retrieved files were of no interest to you, but your ,500 was spent anyway?
Combining free SyncToy with a external hard drive is easy using this guide. This book includes a screenshot for each step to install SyncToy, configure SyncToy and run SyncToy. This book is simple to follow and is not cluttered with security or disaster information meant for more complex companies. Keep your memories or financial records safe and easily rescued.
For the price of this book and an external hard drive, you can protect your memories and livelihood.

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Windows 7 and Vista Backups Made Simple and Cheap with SyncToy (English Edition)

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