Wedding Party Brat (English Edition)


Angie’s been roped into being a bridesmaid. Now she’s spending part of her break from college with a bunch of people she hardly knows and sitting through boring rehearsals. But things start to look up when she’s paired with a hunky older groomsman, Jake, as her escort.

Angie’s barely done more than kiss with boys her own age, but there’s something about Jake that makes her bold and uninhibited. While everyone else is distracted with cake and flowers, she’s whispering her naughtiest secrets in the older man’s ear. She loves seeing what she’s doing to him. It’s just harmless flirting and teasing. Nothing could ever come of it, right?

Angie hadn’t counted on ever being alone with Jake. She never thought she’d be held accountable for her words. But she has to learn not to make promises she doesn’t intend to keep. Angie can’t keep acting like a brat forever and she's excited to face the consequences deep and unprotected.

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Wedding Party Brat (English Edition)

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