Website Launch for Startups (English Edition)



You get around 6 seconds of someone’s valuable time before they either decide to look more deeply into your website or move on to something more visually appealing, or more exciting.

So, if you want to get the business for yourself, you must make sure that you get the basics right, first time.

Website Launch for Startups is a new book which acts as a basic framework for young startups, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Inside the pages of this book you will discover 99 chapters on the vital components like;

•Getting the right Domain Name
•The optimum time to launch your website
•Elevator pitches
•Social media strategy
•Google alerts
•Landing pages
•And much, much more…

Website Launch for Startups is unlikely to fill your bank account or make you rich, but it will provide those crucial first steps towards success, even if your website is just operational.

The chapters are all bite-sized and easy to read, providing just the right amount of information without overloading your senses and the book is written in such a way that you can pick it up wherever you choose and use it as a handy reference guide.

Website Launch for Startups is simple and effective and the only book on the subject that you are likely to need when starting your business.

Get your copy today!

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Website Launch for Startups (English Edition)

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