Wanted by the Dragon: Shapeshifter Romance (English Edition)



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He looked down at me again, coming closer and said, “Just go with it, Cameron. I don’t bite.” And I opened my mouth, a retort on my lips when his mouth settled on mine.

It was unexpected. It was sexy<.b>.

He was delicious.

Cameron is used to unusual things happening in her small town, after all, it’s like a beacon for all things paranormal.

But when a nude stranger shows up on her front porch after a night of wild debauchery, Cameron has no idea what to expect next.

And when the stranger confesses to her that he’s in danger and needs her help, Cameron is torn.

Should she help him? Better yet, can she even trust him? One thing's for sure: She desires him.

And as the days turn into weeks, and Cameron gets to know this powerful handsome stranger better; she finds that not only does her body want him, but her soul yearns for him too.

But he harbors a secret, several in fact, and unfortunately for Cameron; she is at the heart of it all.

Author's note: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

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Wanted by the Dragon: Shapeshifter Romance (English Edition)

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