Vogue Erotica 2: 5 Short Stories (English Edition)


Martial Arts


Enter the world of Jane and enjoy the sensual delights.

1. Pretty Little Packages: Her Secret Admirer

What happens when a married woman starts receiving intimate gifts from a secret admirer?

Helle Hendrix has everything a girl could want; youth; good looks; and a husband who adores her. Her life is turned upside down when the gifts she starts receiving from a secret admirer get more intimate with every delivery.

Torn between the love of her husband and a burning desire to know who this mystery man is; what is a good wife to do?

2. A Soldier's Commitment: His Best Friend's Wife

They made a vow to take care of each others wife in every way. They were Soldiers of Honor.

How far would you go to keep a commitment?

Sal and Matt are the best of friends and they share everything. They've come up with a brilliant idea to keep their bonds tight. While one is away on duty, the other will satisfy his best friend's wife. The couples have a plan to spice things up and make this Memorial Day a memorable one.

3. Bachelorette Sex Party: Spring Break Cruise

What Happens on International Waters Stays on International Waters

Get ready for some delightfully raunchy sex when hot to trot Barbie takes her college sorority sisters on a bachelorette cruise. She loses more than just her inhibitions after a game of vodka shooters with a beefcake stud but that doesn't stop the bride-to-be. She is ready for round two when she catches sight of the next piece of eye candy that's more than happy to push it to the limit. Find out what gets the little hottie's motor running and the taboo act that has her begging for more. It is Spring Break after all and girls just wanna have fun especially when you're about to tie the knot and lock it down. It's time to get the party started ladies!!!

4. Flirting with Disaster

Blame it on The Seven Year Itch

After a steamy sexual encounter with a dreamy muscular stud, Alexa can't get the tattooed beefcake to leave her alone. Find out what happens when the stalker comes knocking at the horny housewife's door and her hubby answers.

5. Taken: Poseidon's Sex Slave

A love so powerful that it can bring the Gods to their knees

When Zoe Dark Cloud is kidnapped by Poseidon, her husband Sam will travel to hell and back to get her. After finding out that he is the son of the universe, he teams up with Medusa and Hades to find his beloved. With the powers bestowed upon him and love in his heart, he will fight the God of the Seas and reclaim his beautiful wife.

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Vogue Erotica 2: 5 Short Stories (English Edition)

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