Video course for everyone Tambourine. Volume 1 (Italian Edition)

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How to play it with a new technique that can be learned by everyone

The ebook contains the video course

More than 90 minutes of videos to learn step-by-step to play the tambourine, with the “BOTH HAND’ STYLE” technique designed by the author Paolo Caruso.

By Paolo Caruso, afro-latin-american percussions expert, who has worked with Eumir Deodato, Gianni Morandi, Luca Carboni, Neffa, Mietta, among others; he manages and coordinates the Accademia Do Ritmo AFROEIRA in Bologna, Italy, one of the most renowned samba school in the country.

The ebook features
. more than 90 minutes of videos to follow the lessons directly from the teacher. A useful tool for correct learning, available in streaming and download on PC, tablet and smartphone.
. Lessons text
. Learning material in download (pictures, schemes and complete mp3 files)

This is the first Italian video course entirely dedicated to the tambourine BOTH HAND’ STYLE, subbed in English. This new technique has never been taught this way.
The ebook features a foreword by Andrea Piccioni, one of the most renowned international musicians and great expert of tambourines and frame drums.

This first volume features:
. history of the tambourine
. which tambourine to use
. tuning
. BOTH HAND’ STYLE technique
. 7 play-along audio tracks
. pop, rock, funky, jazz, afro-latin, tarantella styles and much more

Paolo Caruso started of by self-teaching himself rhythms and percussion instruments of the Afro-Cuban and Brazilian tradition.
After this initial period, he attended the courses of the renowned Drummer’s Collective in New York City, studying with teachers such as Frankie Malabe (Peter Erskine group) and Cyro Baptista (David Byrne, Paul Simon).
He is the founder and Director of Accademia do Ritmo AFROEIRA since 1997 (www.afroeira.com), one of the most reliable “Samba Schools” in Italy, with whom has recorded two CDs: AFROEIRA LIVE (2003) and TAMBORES (2007), published by Twins 104 Records.
If you have any questions, curiosities or else to ask , please do not hesitate to contact Paolo:

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Video course for everyone Tambourine. Volume 1 (Italian Edition)

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