USA College Sport – Recruiting Secrets: International Edition (English Edition)


This 96 page book, exclusive to Kindle, will give you all of the critical insight you need to explore the US college sport recruiting process.

The reason I wanted to write this guide to US college recruiting is to assist young student- athletes from the USA and all over the world navigate the process without the need of paying several thousands of dollars for services that are not always worth the value they represent. In many cases, individuals with the right amount of knowledge could do the work themselves in a short amount of time. The reason I sold out of my own college recruiting agency was to actually help more kids through this pathway. The high cost of my previous agency prevented a lot of aspiring athletes from benefiting from my expertise. By writing this guide I am able to lay out all the ways an international student can give themselves the best and most realistic chance of getting a place on a college team or a scholarship.

Contents contain:
What’s It Like To Be A College Athlete?
Things I loved
Things I Didn’t Love

Myths Busted
What You Need To Know About… Recruiting Agencies

Essential Knowledge
What Scholarships Include?
Beware The Percentages (%!)
What Is Not Covered In A Scholarship?
Working In The USA
Signing NLI

Insights & Strategies
Magic Carpet
Strategy – The Balancing Act
Create Competition For YOU
Opportunities For Girls
Get Opinions From The Source
School/Sport balance
When Parents Step In
How To Pinpoint Colleges With Future Opportunities.

Basic Recruiting
Profile Building
How To Work Out Your GPA, Approximately.
Finding Your Level

Advanced Recruiting
When To Start The Process?
Things To Get Right From The Start
Engaging The College Coach
Tell Tale Signs

What Coaches Are Looking For In Recruits Besides Sporting Ability
Coach Shows Interest. Now What?
Contacts With ‘Connections’
Tips Once You Are In College
Tips For College

Bonus Section: 23 Key SAT Study Tips (8 pages)

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USA College Sport – Recruiting Secrets: International Edition (English Edition)

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