Urban Rifle: 45 Years of Teaching and Training (English Edition)



During a career that has spanned decades Clint Smith has continued to teach the fundamentals of marksmanship to students from all occupations from Military, to Law Enforcement, to Civilian. He continues to teach and learn from his students that travel from around the country and internationally to Lakeview, OR to attend courses at Thunder Ranch. Smith's positive influence on students as well as firearms trainers can be seen in the longevity and success of both Thunder Ranch Texas and Oregon, in addition to ten years of International Training Consultants- ITC. In that time Clint has taught tens of thousands of students in hundreds of classes. LOGIC continues to be the foundation of the school and the approach to learning. This book is a compilation of a lifetime of training and teaching the rifle for over 45 years. In it Clint shares not only technique but wisdom in safe handling and his passion for teaching. This is Clint Smith's Urban Rifle.

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Urban Rifle: 45 Years of Teaching and Training (English Edition)

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