Turn Your Video or PowerPoint into a PDF or Book (English Edition)


TURN YOUR VIDEO OR POWERPOINT INTO A PDF OR BOOK features a description of this approach, along with an example of a video, showing how this project was produced. As illustrated, the final book includes video captures, photos, graphics, and text, using the video: “Works Better than Drano.”
The book begins with an explanation of how a video PDF or book might be used, such as offering a free gift from your website or giving it to someone at a meeting or event. Doing so is a great way to get known, build your reputation, and let people who you are RIGHT NOW. This way they can better remember you are and what you do – more than if you just give them a business card or send them to your website.
Then, the book describes how this works. It begins with capturing a series of images from your video or PointPoint. After that, some text explains what this video is about, along with some fun photos and graphics. so you get across your message in a powerful, dynamic way.
The approach can be used for a single video or PowerPoint or for a series, and it can be used to break down a longer presentation into a series of short PDFs or books.
The rest of the book illustrates how this approach is used with a humorous 55-second commercial: “Works Better than Drano.”

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Turn Your Video or PowerPoint into a PDF or Book (English Edition)

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