Turbulent Nights (English Edition)



When billionaire James Rutherford wakes with a head wound and amnesia, he isn’t sure who to trust, his crazy ex or his best friend. The only certainty in his life is his unrelenting attraction for his angel of a nurse, who’s hiding some fantasies of her own.

James Rutherford is rich, handsome and charming – and someone has just tried to kill him. Waking up abandoned on his yacht, James discovers he has a nasty head injury and appears to be the victim of an attack. The problem is, James has no idea what has happened to him. The few weeks in the run up to his attempted murder seem to have been wiped clean from James' memory.
Nursed back to health, in more ways than one, by the sexy Sarah and helped along by suave best friend David, the three of them try to track down who was responsible for the crime. Friendships become sealed with lust and a taboo encounter, as their journey takes them on a steamy adventure of sex and lies, where they discover new heights of passion while fulfilling long suppressed fantasies.
But is everything as it seems? Who can James really trust?

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Turbulent Nights (English Edition)

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