Trouble Returns To Black Bear Mountain (English Edition)


Silver Falls is a beautiful small Tennessee mountain town located in the picturesque foothills of Black Bear Mountain. Between the stories of the strange things that had happened on Black Bear Mountain and the rumors of buried treasure at Mystic Falls that flows down from the top of Black Bear Mountain and is part of Silver River a clear sparkling river that runs over the mountain and is a water supply to both the McCloud Ranch and McCain Rocking K Ranch. Twenty miles away nestled in the same picturesque foothills of Black Bear Mountain is the small town of Black Bear. Because of the stories still being told about the mountain being haunted and the ghosts that helped in the capture of John Willis and his group of Mercenaries who were trying to take over the Rocking K Ranch and overthrow the government add the rumors of buried treasure at Mystic Falls has brought tourist to the towns in hopes of digging up buried treasure. Resulting in both towns doing a thriving business.
Dale McCloud with his wife Melissa operates a Riding Academy and Boarding stable in the rolling hills of Silver Falls. With the help of their daughter Becca who is also a riding instructor and guide. Because of the stories of buried treasure at Mystic Falls Becca and Joe Rivers a retired Park Ranger regularly patrol the mountain for treasure hunters or tourist that are bent on exploring the unstable caves. Dan Reeves owner of Reeves Mountain Tours has been warned they were unstable and dangerous and to stay out of them. It wasn’t if a serious accident was going to happen it was when. Becca had grown up on Black Bear Mountain and had heard stories about the treasure and strange things that went on near Mystic Falls and on Black Bear Mountain. Her good friend Kelly McCain owner of the Rocking K Ranch besides operating a Martial Arts Studio where Becca helps as an Instructor when needed swore the stories were true, but that still didn’t make a believer of her. Becca was about to be in for a big surprise when she sees her own guardians coming out of the mist. With a jail break and John Willis on the loose they were going to need all the help they could get.

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Trouble Returns To Black Bear Mountain (English Edition)

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