Tristan: Short Story (English Edition)


Steamy Murder Mystery + A HOT Tiger seeking a mate = Paranormal Romance at its finest! Tristan Moore had lived several lifetimes. Being immortal for over a thousand years had its perks, and its detractors. Currently he was living in Paris, playing the part of cover model and playboy extraordinaire. He enjoyed a vast fortune and an endless supply of women willing to satisfy him at a moment’s notice.

Morgan Kincaid is a witch, and an agent of the Council, the governing body that oversees paranormal law. She is sent to investigate the brutal attacks on other creatures and immortals. The trail seems to lead her right to Tristan.

While maintaining his innocence, Tristan begins to see things in Morgan that remind him of someone from his past; someone with whom he shared a great love. Morgan, herself, feels inexplicably drawn to him as well. There is only one problem, she has to arrest him for murder.

Can Tristan and Morgan work together to clear his name, or will the Council exact its justice before they have the evidence they need? *** Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited*** Download this Steamy Paranormal Romance Today! WARNING: This Paranormal Romance contains Steamy scenes, themes, and language. Intended for 18 + readers only.

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Tristan: Short Story (English Edition)

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