Transformers The Movie 2: The Last G1 War (English Edition)

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Science Fiction

The story took place after the last two US animated series The Return Of Optimus Prime and around the same time as The Rebirth in 1987.

Despite being saved by revived Optimus Prime in The Return Of Optimus Prime, the Quintesson Master One remains unrepentant.

Now staying on Earth, he seeks to dominate and plunder our home planet after numerous attempts to retake Cybertron with his former fellow Masters failed.

Assembling a full battalion of Sharkticons, Allicons and their new creations merge group Seacons, they forged another alliance with Decepticons following their leaders Galvatron and Cyclonus departure for Cybertron.

Shockwave -– presumed dead in the first animated movie – also returned stronger and more powerful than ever with his new heavy assault weapons and squadron Venomcons as their new bounty hunter and exterminator of all Autobots and their supporters.

On the Autobots side, Springer is placed in command by Optimus Prime before the latter and Ultra Magnus departed for Cybertron to search for Hot Rod and the rest of Autobots after losing communications.

Also features Elita One arriving on Earth to look for Optimus after learning his resurrection and Dinobots who could merge into Dinoking for the very first time.

NOTE: This is my original story which I wrote as a die-hard Transformers animation and toy fan and has nothing to do with Hasbro works be it their current live action films nor animation series.

It is a continuation of where the original US animated series left off in 1987 due to lack of sufficient funding for TV productions.

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Transformers The Movie 2: The Last G1 War (English Edition)

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