The Wrong Encounter of Christianity and Hitler: Popular Edition of Cartoon "Power and Faith" (English Edition)

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During the period of history, from 1933 to 1945, we call it the Nazi Era in Germany.
Nowadays, the Nazi Era rises various kinds of curiosity. One of them is that…
Germans oppressed Germans, and Germans were oppressed by Germans.
Religiously, Christians were oppressed by other Christians.Germany was a country that greatly contributed to humanity and helped set up cultural, historical, and theological ideals. They produced many men of distinguished thought throughout the world, such as Goethe, Schiller, Kant, Hegel, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Dürer, Luther, etc. and literary
and art campaigns such as classicism and romanticism.
So, why did they create this noble culture, and then begin the anti-human government that would collapse in such a short amount of time?
How did they drastically trample on the traditional religion, Christianity?Were refinement and faith nothing more than unstable in front of the political turmoil?
By what reason could mankind's noble ideals not work right?
When viewed in the bigger picture, we could say that this phenomenon is a Wrong Encounter§.We call it this because of the wrong encounter that occurred between power and faith, and the fatal handshake between them.
Hitler and Pastor Mueller, the president of the German Protestant Church, shakes hands, both in order to make gain at the peak of politics and religion.
To express the Nazi Era plainly, It was the period in which Christians who stood up for the Nazis, oppressed other Christians who resisted or were against them.
Christians collaborated with the Nazis, but there were also Christians who resisted.
Similar believers mysteriously coexisted with hostile minds towards each other.
Christians who became Nazis were called the Empire Christians.§ These people persecuted evangelical pastors and church members.
The Empire-church, which wanted to enjoy ecclesiastical authority by using political power, persecuted evangelical
Through this process, "Bekennede Kirche (the Confessing Church)" was born.
The Confessing Church kept the purity of the Bible and evangelism, and had a sense of duty to protect Christians from the Nazis' false doctrine.

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The Wrong Encounter of Christianity and Hitler: Popular Edition of Cartoon "Power and Faith" (English Edition)

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