The Wonderfuly Black Hole Time Machine Travel First Part (English Edition)

Science Fiction

The Technicolor Black Hole Time Machine is my first science fiction novel written by Johnny, C.H. LOK . It is a comedy, a time travel science story. This scenario of this series takes place in four stages: Boston University lecturer, Jim's time travel machine invention and student visitation ; The future court judgement ; Boston University student time traveler, Johnny's different time journey experiments and The lecturer's Jim and his student , Johnny shall meet in the future time of these four stages.
This story concerns one lecturer invents one time machine to help the main actor his student Johnny to catch his time machine to go to the future time and go back the present time travel. His student Johnny's surprising journey will be described in this fiction. This story has two part, This is part one story, after your read, if you have interest to further read its follow episode, you can read this book part two next year please. Finally, I hope you can enjoy to enter this time machine journey to arrive future our earth's or space's different places to do this future time research of scientific vision with student Johnny together. Next year, you shall discover more surprising matters with Johnny after the student Johnny disappears in present time and his lecturer, Jim meets him in the future time, you will know whether how who solve the challenges in his next future different time journey. This book is suitable to any readers who have interest to research whether time machine can be invented in the future.
Johnny C.H. LOK
Scientific Story Author
Commonwealth Open University

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The Wonderfuly Black Hole Time Machine Travel First Part (English Edition)

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