The Winter Gathering (English Edition)


Mr David Wilkins is the owner of Decisive Developments one of his latest investments London Road holds a secret never to be told? The CEO has opened up this ex-fire station to hold an event called 'The Winter Gathering.' What he doesn't know is this property is doing some gathering of it's own? Several traders from the event go a drift after asking permission to enter the property early? Other members of staff talk of hearing voices? One team person, even talks of ghostly firemen? In order to spruce up the festive event, the company have hired in a 1922 Dennis fire engine, that originally was housed at the site. What Mr Wilkins doesn't and cannot foresee is the chain of events that will unfold by having this vehicle back in its old stomping ground. As Lis Penright, Nick, and Terry Mr Wilkins driver head into work on the 7th of January they have no way of knowing that it's been discovered that two of these people have been scene in pictures dating from 1940 just before the Manchester blitz? This leads to a question, How can you have people from 2016 living in 1940? Oh, just ask London Road, this building is full of surprises. Join us as Mr Wilkins life starts to unravel as he finds out, he doesn't own London Road, it owns him!

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The Winter Gathering (English Edition)

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