The Wanderer's Tale: Esmor (English Edition)



Power. Prestige. Duty.

Esme Lane never asked for any of these, or the magic she was born with. She never signed up to be a mage, a sworn protector of the Kingdom of Esmor. And with every passing day spent indoors earning her robes, she yearns more and more for divine intervention to whisk her away from home—for good.

So when her childhood friend Hark suggests a trip to Mymt Lagoon to sate her hunger for adventure, she jumps at the opportunity and sets off for the wild.

But most of Esmor remains wild and untamed, and untold dangers lurk beyond the safety of Caladaria’s walls. When a fearsome denizen of the Skittering Dark slaughters a rescue patrol and forces Esme and Hark far beyond the possibility of returning home, the only way to go is forward, into the unknown. But their journey is harried at every turn by mercenaries, ferocious beasts, and the machinations of Esme’s own parents, and if magical Overdraw doesn’t claim her life first, Esme’s growing love for Hark just might.

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The Wanderer's Tale: Esmor (English Edition)

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