The travel diary from elsewhere (English Edition)

Science Fiction

Lazily drifting in outer space, an object dances among the stars. Gradually, it approaches a blue planet, bathed by the rays of a sun.

Thus a good day, this object is placed on the wet sand of a beach. The waves toss, walking from tides by tides.

A young boy running on the beach noticed the object. Intrigued, he picks it up. Then he observes. But he really does not see what it can be ! To what use is this strange metal roller?

Suddenly, the object becomes luminescent, releasing a ballet images while a serene and monotonous voice announces: "This is the diary of my ship charged with exploring the galaxy. »

Surprised, the boy away some of the strange object. Yet despite the fear he feels he is intrigued and curious about more …

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The travel diary from elsewhere (English Edition)

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