The Tigress Wrestling Club (English Edition)


Rachel Sullivan is a fairly typical redhead. She is spunky and a little bit too proud, and always tries to improve herself. But when she is introduced to women's wrestling, there is no going back; the women who wrestle are as talented as they are beautiful, and the stakes are very high. See, at the Tigress Wrestling Club, the winner takes the loser however she wishes. There are no limits in regards to what can happen in the bonus round, and the imaginations of the wrestlers run wild.

The world of women's wrestling ensnares Rachel and ignites her passions, but not everything is at it seems. The redhead has friends at her back, but there are rivals and enemies abound. Rachel is beset by twists and turns, and the talented wrestlers Rachel fights can seize on the simplest mistake. Will she ultimately surrender her body to the women who eye her lustfully? Or will she rise to the top and become the queen of the jungle?

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The Tigress Wrestling Club (English Edition)

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