The Thunderbunny Chronicles: Volume 1 (English Edition)

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Transported to a stunning mountainous landscape, a young man is welcomed into an enormous gathering of the local denizens who tell him how fortuitous his arrival actually is. He discovers that it is the annual Great Gathering of the Thunderbunny clan, who trace their heritage to a time before the Great Flood.

As explained to the young man by the matriarch of the Thunderbunnys herself, Magnolia Thunderbunny, the Great Gathering is a time to share, remember, and celebrate their extraordinary history. This is accomplished through the telling of their, and the other residents’, own tall tales and legends that honor the presence of He Is in all of creation, to retain a historical record, and for the entertainment and enchantment of all who listen.

At times the tales are quite fantastic. At other times they are colorfully heart-felt, rollicking, harrowing, or poignant. Most importantly, however, the tales are filled with hope and encouragement, joy and reverence.

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The Thunderbunny Chronicles: Volume 1 (English Edition)

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