The Table: The Great Cull (English Edition)


Science Fiction

“Kings are targets! That’s why we are here!” is not merely a chant around The Table. It is both an explanation and a reminder.

In ancient history, a pattern began to appear. Kings ruled their kingdoms while others looked on in envy. Inevitably, those kings were killed or forced off their land. In their place, new kings were crowned. Again, others looked on in envy, until newer kings were crowned.

This pattern continued, until the original members of The Table realised that a better alternative existed. Why not control the kings like puppets instead of being the kings?

From that time onwards, kings were not true kings. They were puppets put in place by members of The Table. When the time came, the kings were sacrificed and The Table remained. To the onlookers, the kingdoms were captured by the new kings. In reality, new puppets were placed in perfect view of the public.

Today, we use a variety of terms, from President to Prime Minister. Nonetheless, The Table remains in place while the kings are displayed to the public. If any kings need to be sacrificed, then new kings will be crowned.

In modern times, public opinion calls for new kings. In such times, The Table is reminded “Kings are targets! That’s why we are here!”

This book contains The Table’s approach to dealing with world overpopulation. How will they solve this problem?

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The Table: The Great Cull (English Edition)

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