The Steel Road (The Ardent Halo Book 1) (English Edition)


Sundered for a reason, the world is two-sided. But mankind defied the sanctions, conjuring a passage from the Old World through the equatorial ring of flames and inhabiting the elven hemisphere. As this invasive species disseminates, conflict ensues, centuries pass, and an industrial revolution begins.
Now, reparations must be made.
A human-elf hybrid is murdered to spark a cleansing fire but is denied passage to the heavens. Instead, Dreyah is reborn headstrong and impetuous but more so than any other teenager, is uncertain about her place in the world. Seeking revenge for her murder, Dreyah traverses Udia, a realm that was devastated by an old war between her two peoples, and the circumstances highlight her greatest dilemma; she must choose a side in the coming days.
Sixteen years ago, Cambria’s king gave Kennason to a foreigner as a gesture of peace between their two realms. But after the death of her second husband and a marriage of mutual distaste, Kennason abandons the Andanes and returns to her homeland where magic is not tolerated but steam and pistons charm the masses. Reunited with family and in the solace of an emerging romance, she grasps contentment. But when renegade wizards abduct her, painful family secrets reveal there was more to Kennason’s banishment than a simple gift.
When Old World monsters begin menacing Cambria, Kennason and Dreyah find their tracks are bound together by history, prejudice, betrayal, and blood as they race to uncover old truths and protect their loved ones in the first installment of The Ardent Halo story.

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The Steel Road (The Ardent Halo Book 1) (English Edition)

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