The SongSmythe (The SongSmythe Duet Book 1) (English Edition)

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In the first book of the two-book series, "The SongSmythe" finds Jubal passing into a new world via a stargate… and finds himself joining up with a troupe of Rounders, a traveling music and drama group, while at the same time rescuing them for a horrible death by a de.monic cult
After annihilating the cult group, he finds himself sharing music he had obtained, back when he had found himself stranded, through space and time on what was "Old Earth"… the one world all life originated some tens of thousands of years ago.
At the time he was on the original Earth, he was introduced to rock 'n roll as it was still popular, then. And he gathered music that he would eventually bring with him, forward in time to the current age, where stargazes and starships were common modes of transport.
And here, he finds there is what is known as Dunlop, an inter-galactic music festival held every seven years. Rock 'n roll by this time had long ago disappeared, only now, as he plays for them some of the "old" songs, he finds a totally captivated audience, who not only immediately are lost in the music, but then see it as an incredible opportunity to reintroduce this "new" sound into the contest.
It is a story, too, of one small lassie, whose Mother is shunned by a overly zealous religious group, and made to set off, on her own, leaving her dying Mother and her embittered Gramma. Her tale interweaves and eventually joins in, with the Rounder group, after they perform their music and win instant acclaim, shaking up the whole contest and music worlds, as this "new" sound catches on.
It is the start, as they still must continue to play in what would become rock concerts, and yes, a taste of Woodstock, but again, just the start.
Like a rebirth of Woodstock, it is proving to be an explosion, with the added now style of dress and dance, even classical music, they have their eyes set on the finals…
Will it change them all, their lives and lifestyle… come and join in the journey…

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The SongSmythe (The SongSmythe Duet Book 1) (English Edition)

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