The Sands of Osiris (Aegis Colony 1) (English Edition)


Space Opera

First book in the COMPLETED Aegis Colony trilogy.

Planets that don't kill you are hard to find.

Starving and locked in a war with hostile aliens, the Terran Empire needs fresh real estate or humanity will face extinction.

Jaeger Orleans is sent by the mysterious Farseer Cartel to steal a blueprint for a sustainable human colony on the ice world Solitude.

A chance for humans to leave a long history of mistakes behind and begin again.

Sent to a brutal desert prison for withholding the information from the Terran Corps, Jaeger is in a race against time to find Solitude and lead humanity to a brighter future.

"This was perhaps the best SF adventure novel I have ever read! And I've been reading them for over 50 years. Shelley has a wonderful talent for description and setting. When the next one is published,sign me up and get out of my way! Absolutely GREAT stuff!"
– Amazon review.

Includes bonus chapter.

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The Sands of Osiris (Aegis Colony 1) (English Edition)

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