The Revelation of Jesus Christ – REVEALED: Literal Authorized Version (English Edition)

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This is a stand-alone copy of the Literal Authorized Version (LAV) of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John. It is an excellent introduction to the concept of how allegorical language affects the way words are used in the Hebraic/Christian Scriptures. It is called the “Literal Authorized Version” because within its pages the expected figurative language of prophecy Bible readers have come to expect has been removed. The original translation used for this interpolation process was the King James “Authorized Version,” thus to be able to easily identify which version of interpretation this book came from the editor simply extended the title to say this is the “Literal Authorized Version.” This book is a good gift for a Bible student, pastor, seminarians, or other seeker of truth who studies the Holy Christian Bible.
This small book is also included in Volume Two of the Series titled "REVEALED," also published by E.T.M. Publishing which is offered to readers as an introduction to the concept of what the prophecy received by John would look like in literal language without the allegorical language. It is important, however, to keep in mind that for full understanding of the prophecy of this book one must correlate these prophetic events with history. The method of how this book was derived, how the interpolation process works and the authority for using such method can be found in Volume One of the series "REVEALED," currently available in the Kindle bookstore. This Volume One also has a "prophetic dictionary" showing where the allegorical word definitions were found in Scriptures. The historical correlation and the author's commentary of how the prophecy of this book has been, and is being fulfilled, historically is in "REVEALED," Volume Two which is planned to be available at Kindle in early 2017.
This current book is for the person who wants an easy reference to the interpolated version of The Book of The Revelation at a low cost which can be referred to quickly and easily. Please don't pass up this interesting and informative book for any seeker of Truth.

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ – REVEALED: Literal Authorized Version (English Edition)

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