The Reluctant Groom (English Edition)

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Can true love shine through the darkest nights?

After the Civil War, the Olander brothers returned to Minnesota from their part in the great battle to settle down, raise families, and start farms of their own. But they’re carrying a heavy with them; the loss of one brother troubles Henry, and when he receives an ultimatum from his father to marry “or else”, he is reluctant to stop grieving and start living.

For her part, Margaret “Maggie” Bell of Virginia found herself with no surviving family and constantly hungry and lonely. As a mail order bride, she finds herself west among a family of strangers with a fiance who is barely civil to her.

But Maggie has hidden strength and talent to bring to the Olander clan, one that will help save lives and rescue the morose Henry from a life of bitterness and loneliness. Their courtship begins on the rocks but could it end up being true love?


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The Reluctant Groom (English Edition)

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