The Professor's Chronicles BOX SET (Complete Series Book 3) (English Edition)


The Professor's Chronicles 3 in 1 BOX SET

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Marie Owens moves to a new town, new school. Her white married professor seems to have an interesting attraction to black women, especially Marie. She struggles to understand her new professor’s feelings and can’t decide if he’s just being friendly and a little flirty, or if there’s more to how he feels about her.

When they get tangled up together at school, she questions his feelings toward her. He doesn’t have an immediate answer, but promises to tell her another time. He invites her to a Halloween party that his wife and children will be attending. Marie attends the party, but becomes frustrated with her professor as he struggles to open up to her.

She puts space between them and focuses on her schoolwork, but then she discovers something shocking that could tear her and her professor apart forever. Will he finally open up to her or will he end up pushing her away?

Marie’s naughty professor continues to nurture their relationship, taking care of both her and her baby as they struggle to fully come to terms with the situation. Marie begins to question whether or not she actually has a future with Mark or if she’ll be raising the baby entirely on her own just as her mother had done. But as her pregnancy becomes harder to hide and people start discovering the truth, the pressure on her and Mark’s relationship escalates, leaving her to wonder how he really feels about her as their complicated romance continues to unfold. Desperately, she holds onto her feelings for Mark tightly as she wards off the doubt that surrounds her on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Evelyn grows suspicious of Marie’s relationship with her husband when Marie has a sudden accident that threatens both her and her baby’s life. Will they both make it through, and will Mark’s true feelings finally become apparent?

Marie tries desperately to balance school life, her relationship with the naughty professor, and being pregnant in her third trimester. She struggles to accept how the people around her see their relationship, along with being pregnant, and is soon plagued with doubt as well.

She wants to be as good of a mother as she can, and finds difficulty believing in herself or even Mark. She wants the baby to have more than she did growing up, but can she be strong enough for her and the baby just in case Mark wasn’t in the picture?
With everything going on, she’s getting stressed out as she weighs how her relationship with Mark affects those around her. She is due to give birth to the baby any day now. How will Mark react to Marie going into labor? And will Evelyn’s suspicions ever lead her to find out about Mark and Marie’s relationship?

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The Professor's Chronicles BOX SET (Complete Series Book 3) (English Edition)

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