The Organic Paradigm: Lessons from the Tree of Life (English Edition)


In our increasingly urbanized world, genuine awareness of nature is becoming rare. Yet virtually everyone feels an inner urge to connect with the natural world, a pull toward something many would call a spiritual experience. What does this mean? Why are we so captivated with something from which we choose to isolate ourselves? And how does nature inform our innermost selves?
Instead of casting nature merely as an aesthetic pleasure, it is time for a renewal of the ancient understanding of nature as something revelatory and transcendent. This book is about how nature, and organic life in particular, is more spiritually important than we have commonly realized in the last century. By entering into the mystery of nature, we come to see that the nature of life is the nature of things, and that the different manifestations of life we see around us each have lessons to teach us. These patterns serve as paradigms through which we may understand what is real, and they can speak to us personally, in the language of creation.
Fundamentally, this “organic paradigm” is a manifestation of the Divine. Before any religion, there was life, created in such a way as to express spiritual realities. These realities could be said to be the logic of God, or in ancient terms, the Logos. This logic, the rather surprising order we find in the universe, becomes fully manifest and personal in the form of Jesus. Especially through the lens of Christ, we can see that all creation points to radiant love, not competition, as the ultimate reality. The organic paradigm sheds renewed light on the meaning, fullness, and immediacy of God in our lives, and offers great hope that we all may participate in the divine resonance. Like members of a band, we are called to develop and live out our own particular form of love as we perform in the great symphony of creation.

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The Organic Paradigm: Lessons from the Tree of Life (English Edition)

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