The LXM Simplified-Character Chinese-English Pinyin Dictionary for Kindle (English Edition)


Chinese language books are increasingly available on and of course on (?????-Amazon China). Amazon provides free Chinese-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries. However, the all-chinese dictionary provided by Amazon, A Modern Chinese Dictionary ?????? (Xian Dai Han Yu Ci Dian), is difficult for learners of Chinese because the definititions are themselves in Chinese; A Modern Chinese-English Dictionary ?????? (Xian Dai Han Ying Ci Dian) includes little, if any, hanyu pinyin pronunciation information.

Both the Chinese-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries are for simplified characters, which makes reading texts in traditional characters difficult on Kindle.

The LXM Chinese-English Pinyin Dictionary for Kindle is designed to make it quicker and easier to read Chinese texts on the Kindle Paperwhite/Voyager ebook readers by providing versions for lookup of either traditional or simplified characters and by providing hanyu pinyin for all entries. While the traditional-character version provides for instant lookup of traditional characters, the headwords also show the simplified-character equivalents. In the same way, the simplified-character version provides for instant lookup of simplified characters, with headwords also showing the traditional-character equivalents.

The LXM Chinese-English Pinyin Dictionary for Kindle (the LXM Dictionary) is based on the publicly available CC-CEDICT database, which is maintained by MDBG and is used in the on-line MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary ( and the MDBG Chinese Reader desktop application. After setting the LXM Dictionary as the default dictionary for Chinese, look up a word while reading an ebook in Chinese by simply selecting the characters, and the dictionary entry will pop up. Entries include the traditional or simplified headword characters, the simplified- or traditional-character equivalent, the pronunciation in hanyu pinyin, and glosses of the headword in English. Entries can be highlighted and saved for review or use in the Kindle Vocabulary Builder. Saved entries can in turn be imported into programs such as the Kindle Mate Kindle Clippings and Vocabulary Builder Manager (see, which provides tools to export to the file format used in the Anki flash-card system. Separate volumes are published for lookup of text in traditional and simplified characters. The LXM Dictionary also supports the native Kindle lookup by hanyu pinyin. The Dictionary has approximately 115,000 headword entries and will be updated periodically as new entries are added to the CC-CEDICT database and the author's personal database.

Additional lookup methods are planned for future versions of this Dictionary.

Amazon Kindle, MDBG, the MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary, the MDBG Chinese Reader desktop application, Kindle Mate, and Anki are trademarks of their respective owners. Reference to them does not imply that the companies endorse or are in any way associated with the LXM Chinese-English Pinyin Dictionary for Kindle.

The underlying CC-CEDICT data is used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. (See for detailed information).

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The LXM Simplified-Character Chinese-English Pinyin Dictionary for Kindle (English Edition)

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