The Long, Dusty Road Home: To Berlin or Bust 1943 – 1945 (English Edition)


“Please be advised that as we speak, I am out motoring down the road to Damascus and as such, I am on an official day of pilgrimage and mourning…dressed in my traditional birthday sackcloth and hair doused in a tasteful collection of ashes to ensure…
I am off on this adventure to track down this mourningful passage of yet another, ever-shorting, year of life and will be in meditation of “what was I thinking?”
Although, technically this personal day of Epiphany does not fall until the early dawn of the 29th of January…next week, is going to be extremely busy amongst all of the normal $ %#&!! stuff for Seine and his thugs (staff…i.e. Old Chuckie…the accountant from hell) at WWWG and being unavailable whether in meditation or not…
So upon this, I do offer up a prayer and do bid ye all a most peaceful day (thinking of the group) and at 12:01 PM (GMT) please feel free to join with me in a moment of silence for this Epiphanic life that is now fraught with the devastating thought that I should have lived larger…
I may or not be available by e-mail…as Wi-Fi is touch-n-go out here on the Road to Damascus…”
EDITOR NOTE: Wow! We got this strange message telexed to us from Emil just as we received this new edition by DHL (collect…pay upon delivery…Thanks Emil! Forgot that they have this thing called the post office?) …Not having sent Emil to Damascus or having talked about Emil doing anything for us…we are at a lost to understand any of this…
– Seine Lagone

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The Long, Dusty Road Home: To Berlin or Bust 1943 – 1945 (English Edition)

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