The Highlander Bride MEGA PACK: (A Scottish Historical Marriage of Convenience Romance BOX SET) (English Edition)


Highlander's Bride is a one stop shop for all Scottish Highlander Romance lovers! Stories include Paranormal, Time Travel, Alpha Male, Marriage of Convenience and much more!

1. Highland Conqueror's Bride:The McDougal and Barclay clans fought a deadly battle, in which King Charles McDougal died to the unforgiving sword of Laird Bennett Barclay. The McDougal king not only promised his kingdom, but his slender lass Aileen to the laird. The marriage is destined for doom with her hate, and his defiance. Yet, a question by Bennett breed’s love in a relationship rooted in hate.

2. Highland Bride's Protector: Bridget Rose agrees to marry the Highlander Tyrant, Tray Barnes. Tray controls the best warriors in Scotland and the Rose clan needs his help, but he is the cruelest Laird on the highlands. Her only hope is Alistair McDougal, her protector. Alistair decides hewont let Bridget go through another day of torture. Their love story intensifies on a journey of escape that ends in Alistair claiming Tray’s head and his Kingdom.

3. Highlander Raider's Bride: Laird Eachann Malleville is the chief of the Marches Reivers. He is a ruthless, bloodthirsty highlander known for burning down villages without a second thought. Elizabeth is the beautiful daughter of the village chief that the Reivers have their eyes on. In an agreement of peace, she has to marry him to save her village. Their marriage is stained with her hate, and his innate darkness. But it evolves to create a change in Eachann that fosters their love and marriage.

4. The Highlander Vortex:I am Alice, and working in Scotland was always my dream. Something about the Scotsmen and highlands drives me crazy. So when I decided to excavate there, I wanted to have it all. Little did I know, the highlands would suck me into a vortex and throw me naked in year 1100 Scotland.
Lost in time, I found a home, a highlander and a life. But could I really rely on time? The Vortex has now decided to shoot me forward. This time though, I bring my highlander with me…

5. Winning the Highlander Bride: The Montgomery castle sealed the fate for Annabelle and Steward. Over a bet, the Boyd’s lost and gave their word to marry Annabelle to the Montgomery’s son. Annabelle dreamt of a knight in shining armor and Steward couldn’t be any further from her dream. A marriage doomed for disaster evolves through passion, difficulties and danger. In the end the two will have to defy all reasons for love to prevail.

6. Highlander Bride’s Passion: The McDougall family faces a serious problem that could end their clan. King Robin McDougall does not have any heirs and all his previous marriages have fallen through. Because of a prophecy, they decide to try one more time. For Robin, this is the last time; he cannot handle separation again.
What happens when Mary finds out the real cause for the Kings failed marriages. That it’s not a coincidence, but an ancient curse by a deadly witch. Their relationship transforms from strangers to lovers on this magnificent journey to break the curse.

7. Highlander Bride’s Treason : Prince Kendrick Scott, of Scotland is in love with English princess, Edith Stuart from the first instance. The slender lasso has been brought to Scotland to marry him, and establish peace in the region. Little does he know that she brings with her the demise of Scotland, and the English army as his in-law’s.

Unexpectedly, Edith finds in Kendrick a lover like none other. Edith and Kendrick steer a relationship that determines the future of the United Kingdom and it hinges on Edith’s treason for her family.

Bonus Stories
1. Billionaire Skater's Secret – Billionaire Sports Romance
2. Legal Pleasures – Billionaire Office Romance
3. Rescued by a Billionaire – Billionaire Military Romance

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The Highlander Bride MEGA PACK: (A Scottish Historical Marriage of Convenience Romance BOX SET) (English Edition)

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