The Girl From Space (1+1) (English Edition)

Space Opera

Planet Earth: Yolanda Van Rooyen (22)
We’re few hours away from planet earth. A warm wave of excitement and relief flows within me. The past 2 weeks at The Black Hole had been a roller coaster ride, and I’m grateful we’re still alive. Our spacecraft suffered some damage back there. The loud growling sounds made by the engines, is a cause for concern. I hope we land on earth safe and sound.
Planet Gadju (500 billion light years away): Gabriel (23)
Tomorrow morning, all young Xapiens warriors at Planet Gadju will participate in a fighting tournament. The last man standing will be crowned the leader of the Xapiens tribe and marry the daughter of the leader. Out of all the 50 warriors participating, I do not think they view me as a threat. I am invisible, but I will show them what I am made of. They won’t see me coming. I’m sick and tired of being a commoner, I want more!
The Girl from Space is an extraordinary 80 000-word novel about an amateur astronaut, Yolanda and a Xapien warrior, Gabriel whose paths collide in a mysterious portal as both try to survive the devastation of mass extinction of human race and Xapiens respectively.

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The Girl From Space (1+1) (English Edition)

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